13 Absolutely Brilliant Ways To Shed Belly Fat For Good


Even better than a half-hour run is speed interval training, which involves short, intense bursts of exercise followed by brief “rest” periods of moderate effort. You can do interval-style training with any type of exercise. Walking is a great way to start. In a Canadian study, exercisers who completed 30-minute interval workouts lost three times as much fat over 15 weeks as those who performed easier workouts at a steady pace for 45 minutes.

Another study found that exercisers who did short, intense workouts experienced a 20% drop in visceral fat (aka belly fat) after 3 months. Those who did longer workouts at a more moderate pace saw no such change. You should perform intervals at an intensity where you can speak no more than a few words at a time. This helps you burn more calories while you exercise, but the real benefit comes afterward. The harder your workout, the longer it takes for your body to return to normal. The effect: You keep burning calories long after you leave the gym. Start by supplementing your normal workouts with two or three interval sessions per week.