5 Ways your dog says I love you

All right, here are 5 ways your dog says I love you. Did you know that dogs basically have the same brain structures for producing emotions that we have, thanks to this little similarity, there are several ways your dog can express their infinite love and appreciation to you.

Number 1: Gazing into your eyes

Japanese scientists from the department of animal science and biotechnology at a Zombo university along with specialists from other Japanese universities conducted a study that showed how dogs develop strong emotional connections with humans by staring into their eyes. This silent contact increases the level of the social hormone oxytocin in both dogs and humans. Scientists also believe that this human-like mode of communication may have been acquired by dogs during the domestication process tightening their bond with their future owners.

Number 2: Bringing you their toys

All dog lovers know how possessive their friend can get about their toys and other chews, so if your dog proudly runs toward you with their favorite toy or even pushes it forward a bit to encourage you to take it you can be sure that your pets love for you is strong and unconditional.

Number 3: Yawning when you yawn

Humans yawn contagiously and this process is closely connected to our empathy, and as it turns out, a dog’s nature here is almost the same according to a study conducted by Teresa Romero and her colleagues at the University of Tokyo, simultaneous yawning is another sign that your pet is emotionally bonded to you.

Number 4: Sleeping with you

The dogs are known to be pack animals, and even though some of their past pack habits are long gone, they still like to take advantage of their buddies’ body heat. But what’s especially important is that dogs are pretty vulnerable when they sleep, therefore if they choose to snooze next to you this means that they trust you like no one else.

Number 5: Wagging their tail

We usually connect tail wagging with friendliness. What specialists insist that it can portray a whole range of emotions, dr. Carlos acusa of the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine says that tail wagging is a special language that dogs used to speak to us, in general, it’s a sign that your dog is open for interaction and emotionally engaged in everything that’s going on around them, however, it also depends on the height and speed of the wag, a wagging tail held high is a sign of enthusiasm and confidence, a lower tail indicates nervousness a stiff or slow wag, on the other hand, is a red flag revealing that your dog is tense and not in the mood to be friendly.

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