6 Signs It’s Time For You to Get Life Insurance

As an adult, you might have a lot of financial responsibilities, such as paying off a mortgage, student loan,

 paying off credit card debts, or funding a retirement account. So, the last thing you want to do is to fund

a life insurance policy.

But what kind of financial state would you leave your family in if you die tomorrow?

While you may not want to think about it, death and taxes are two things that are certain life.

“We’re all going to die,” said estate planning attorney Liza Hanks. “Being realistic about it,

 being thoughtful about it is a really caring thing to do for the people you leave behind.”

So if you want to secure your family’s financial situation when you and your paycheck are no longer around,

 it might be time to think of getting a life insurance policy.

A life insurance, in general term, is a lump sum of money the insurance company gives your

beneficiary when you die. A life insurance policy can provide financial protection for your family.

 It can help pay your funeral costs, mortgages, your children’s education, or other expenses.