8 Ovarian Cancer Symptoms that Often Appear

Every woman is at risk of developing ovarian cancer. Nobody knows when cancer cells attack. Even this disease sometimes appears meaningless so that it is known as the “silent killer”.

However, there are actually early signs of ovarian cancer that need to be suspected. To ensure every symptom is present, check with your doctor is the right step. Here are 8 symptoms of ovarian cancer that usually appear in patients

1. A pelvic or abdominal pain
Generally, 80 out of 100 ovarian cancer patients experience severe pain in the pelvic and abdominal areas. Pain can last long and cause serious problems in women with ovarian cancer.

2. The stomach feels full 
of stomach. It feels full or is a symptom of ovarian cancer that often occurs. The patient will feel full quickly, even though it only eats a little. As a result, weight loss occurs, because food intake is not as needed.

3. Problems urinating 
In ovarian cancer patients, it’s always like to go to the restroom to pee. The desire to urinate like can not be intolerable. However, that does not mean women with ovarian cancer also experience urinary tract infections.

4. Fatigue 
Excessive fatigue is also experienced by ovarian cancer patients, just like other cancer symptoms, ovarian cancer patients often complain of not having the energy to work.

5. Indigestion 
Indigestion, including abdominal pain is a symptom that often appears in ovarian cancer patients. They suddenly have digestive problems such as irregular bowel movements. Even though, it’s usually always regular

6. Most back pain 
is other cancer, ovarian cancer also causes symptoms of pain in the spine, especially the lower back. The pain usually continues, not just one or two times.

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7. Pain during intercourse 
Ovary adjacent to the vagina. When it always hurts during intercourse, beware of something wrong with the female reproductive system.

8. Constipation 
Constipation or difficulty defecating also often occurs in ovarian cancer patients. Constipation in cancer patients is usually difficult to recover despite being given medication. Sometimes, there is swelling of the stomach and the menstrual cycle becomes irregular.

If you have these symptoms, do not delay the examination to the doctor.