Anti Inflammatory Smoothie with Foraged Superfood Ingredients

This anti inflammatory smoothie recipe features an underappreciated “superfood” that’s commonly mistaken for a weed.

Green smoothie pros, put down your avocados and spinach. Here’s something a little different from your everyday smoothie, featuring one of my favorite foraged greens, purslane.

Free superfood? YES! Purslane may be growing in your yard at this very moment — go check and then blend yourself a refreshing, healthy anti inflammatory smoothie!

You can totally use spinach if that’s all you have on hand, because you’re going to want to go try this winning combination as soon as you finish the post!

Until a couple years ago, my smoothies were pretty much always just yogurt blended with whatever frozen fruit had accumulated in the freezer. But when I started whirring up fruit + veggie combinations for baby purees, I discovered that vegetables were actually a pretty tasty addition to grown-up smoothies and twigged onto the whole green smoothie thing that’s now caught on in a big way.

After I finished putting up the little one’s blueberry-broccoli combo, I’d leave some in the blender for myself. I found that the little bits of frozen broccoli actually add a surprisingly nice texture and no detectable flavor if you’re not too heavy-handed.