Best Health Insurance Options for the Self-Employed

Liberty HealthShare

Liberty HealthShare started in 1995 and is one of the most liberal of the health care sharing ministries. To be a member, you’ll have to commit to five statements covering belief in God, freedom, and ethics.

There’s no requirement to be part of a Christian congregation to become a member. You’ll also be asked to support the community through healthy living, wise decisions, and good stewardship.

Liberty HealthShare offers three different programs to choose from depending on your resources and circumstances. Each one has an Annual Unshared Amount (similar to a deductible) that has to be met before eligible medical costs will be shared.

Unlike some of the other health care sharing ministries, Liberty covers the cost of an annual physical for all members. In addition, there is no physician network so you can keep all of your regular doctors.

Liberty Healthshare does not cover dental, vision, or hearing expenses. They do, however, give members free access to the SavNet Health Savings Program which gives discounts for these types of expenses.