Best Health Insurance Options for the Self-Employed

HealthSapiens Medical Plan subscriptions cost $19.95 for a single person and $24.95 for family plans which cover up to seven people.

HealthSapiens 2.0

Want to schedule an in-person consultation with a doctor? You may soon be able to with HealthSapiens.

With their upcoming HealthSapiens 2.0 update, HealthSapiens is trying to blow the doors off of centralized healthcare. Their vision is to create a borderless, healthcare system that gives members the freedom to consult with a doctor from any state at any time.

To make this all possible, HealthSapiens has built a token payment system powered by the Ethereum blockchain. Members will purchase tokens and use those tokens to make payments to doctors.

Before choosing a doctor, members will be able to compare prices and read patient reviews. HealthSapiens is trying to bring the same transparency to shopping for a doctor that you expect in every other area of life.