Early Signs of Liver Damage & How to Strengthen Your Liver

When you should seek medical help

  • If you feel fatigue and weak or you have lost weight without any explanation, go to see your doctor.
  • If you have jaundice, persistent fever, abdominal pain and vomiting, you should also be examined.

In addition –  I always recommend to see your doctor if you don’t feel well or when having any medical issue. If in doubt see your doctor!

How to Strengthen Your Liver

Looking after you liver is one of the 70 habits featured in my e-book 70 Powerful Habits For A Great Health which will guide you how to take positive steps to improve your wellness and overall health. You can change some unhealthy habits and include lifestyle changes in order to strengthen and take care of your liver:

If you drink excessive amounts of alcohol, it’s about time to limit your alcohol intake! The more you drink and the longer period you do it, the more likely you are to damage your liver.

Limit your caffeine intake, as alcohol and caffeine deposit toxins in your liver and damage its function. You don’t need to completely avoid coffee as a recent research found that a moderate consumption of coffee can actually benefit your liver.

Another bad habit to quit is smoking as it creates toxins that have disastrous effect on the liver.

Instead of alcohol and caffeine, drink plenty of water to help flushing all the toxins in your body.

You can also drink water lemon as lemon juice stimulates bile production (see my other post about the health benefits of drinking lemon water).


Drink herbal teas and natural fruit juices or smoothies. Green tea is especially good as it is rich in antioxidants that improve the liver function and help to reduce fat storage in the liver.

Berries, such as strawberries, blackberries, blueberries and raspberries enhance liver health due to their organic acids that lower sugar levels in your blood and help you to burn fat, thus lowering your chance of fatty liver disease. You can find more information about the incredible healing properties of berries in my e-book The Healing Berry Guide. This e-book will teach you how to transform your health with berries.

It is also important to maintain a healthy body weight by maintaining a proper nutrition and exercising regularly.

Avoid fatty foods, junk foods and processed foods that contain a lot of chemicals and artificial additives and replace them instead with vegetables, especially dark leafy greens and beets, fruits, whole grains, nut and seeds.

Increase your garlic consumption as it improves the liver function by flushing out toxins from the body and protecting the liver from damages caused by toxins. See also my article about the best foods to cleanse your liver.

Another important thing to do, is to follow the dosage of the medications given by your doctor. Also check the label to see if there are any warnings of possible liver damage. This is true not just for conventional medicines, but also for supplements and herbs as they, too, can be harmful to the liver in excess amounts.

If you are diabetics or suffer from high blood pressure, maintain regular medical checkups to monitor your blood sugar levels, triglycerides and cholesterol levels that may lead to fatty liver disease.

READ NOW  Early Signs of Liver Damage & How to Strengthen Your Liver

Maintain good hygiene habits to prevent hepatitis viral infections through contaminated food, water, blood and other body fluids.

Use herbs that are good for liver cleansing – see my article about the best herbs for liver cleansing, including liver tonic recipe. You can also read my e-book The Herbal Remedies Guide to Discover how to use herbal medicine effectively to heal away disease & illnesses.

The liver is essential for your survival and currently there is no way to compensate for the absence of liver functions in the long term.  This is why you need to maintain your liver in a top condition. Start changing your bad habits now!  I know that it’s not always easy, but you have to start from something. If you are interested learn about the best foods for liver cleansing than you should read my other post: The Best Foods to Cleanse Your Liver.