Mathematics and Sex

Jump into bed with Dr. Clio Cresswell and discover just how mathematics can unlock the secrets of love, lust and life’s search for the ideal partner. Answering such questions as – just how many lovers should you have before settling down, why are you attracted to some people and not others, and just what is it that makes your biological clock tick?

You’ve heard of sexual chemistry?

Now try sexual mathematics.

For most people seeing ‘mathematics’ and ‘sex’ side by side is strange enough let alone discovering there is, in fact, a deep and captivating relationship between the two. Well, it’s time to shatter the stereotypes!

Join Dr Clio Cresswell on a fascinating, fun and at times frisky journey as she reveals how mathematics can unlock the secrets of love and relationships, dating and mating, pumping and grinding. Tackle such age-old dilemmas as:

– How much should you compromise in a relationship?

– Exactly what is it that we find attractive in a lover?

– How many partners should you have before you stop playing the field?

– What makes your biological clock tick along?

Jump into bed with Mathematics and Sex and discover just how love, lust and life’s search for the ideal partner can be spiced up with a dash or two of mathematics.

‘This book is passionate about the role of mathematics in every human activity and joyful about matters of sex. Dinner-party conversations may never be the same.’

Professor Ian Sloan, President, International Council of Industrial and Applied Mathematics